Keystone XL denial challenge detailed

United States Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.
Why is TransCanada taking legal action in response to the U.S. Administration’s decision to deny a Presidential Permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline? Kristine Delkus, executive vice president, stakeholder relations and general counsel, at TransCanada provided and explanation of TransCa
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TransCanada challenges Keystone XL denial

Gavel with U.S. Constitution in the background
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest summed up the past seven years accurately when he said during an early November 2015 press briefing “I would venture to say that there’s probably no infrastructure project in the history of the United States that’s been as politicized as this o
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Presidential Permit denial: A disappointing choice

On November 6, 2015, President Obama chose to deny the required presidential permit for Keystone XL. In light of this decision we will review our options, which will include filing a new application to receive a Presidential Permit for a cross border crude oil pipeline from Canada to
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Testing TransCanada’s state-of-the-art leak detection system

On a windy day in the sleepy town of Cowgill, Missouri, Project Manager Al-Aziz Moosa and his colleagues watch with anticipation as years of research and development are tested before them. The testing, which is taking place on the first phase of TransCanada’s Keystone System in north
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5 years, 1 billion barrels and 10 more cool facts about the Keystone System

Jobs for Americans: Gulf Coast Pipeline workers gathering for a safety meeting in Oklahoma.
Five years ago, the Keystone Pipeline System began transporting crude oil from Canada to U.S. refineries. Earlier this week, we announced that Keystone has now safely delivered over one billion barrels of oil in that time. The Keystone System offers the United States refineries a safe
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Celebrating 5 years and 1 billion barrels on the Keystone Pipeline System

Keystone XL has now been in review for more than seven years.
When Gary Westphal received word back in 2007 that TransCanada was planning to build a pump station in Butler County, Nebraska to support the original Keystone Pipeline, the born and raised Nebraskan couldn’t help but feel excited. The General Manager at Butler Public Power District r
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Above and Beyond: Leak Detection

Canadian senators visit TransCanada's pipeline control centre in Calgary.
The high-tech world of pipeline operations is fuelled by cutting edge research, tools and technology. TransCanada’s continued investment in safety has topped a billion dollars annually over the past few years and lead to numerous advancements in, construction, operations and maintenan
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A personal story from a Keystone landowner on land reclamation

“ The ground doesn’t look any different than it did beforehand.” Charles Barber, Keystone landowner Looking out at his land, Charles Barber can hardly believe what he sees. Or, maybe more properly, what he doesn’t see. ”The ground doesn’t look any different than it did bef
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Nebraska landowners remember positive experience working with TransCanada

Photo: Nebraska landowners Eldean and Norma had a good experience partnering with TransCanada on the original Keystone Pipeline.
For landowners Eldean and Norma farming has been, and always will be, an important part of their lives. Born and raised in Southeast Nebraska and married for almost 57 years, the two didn’t start out with much, but have since made a good living for themselves and their family, farming
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