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We are proud of the relationships we have built with landowners, Indigenous groups, governments, politicians, organizations and communities throughout our vast energy infrastructure footprint, including Keystone XL and the Keystone Pipeline System. We are equally proud of the trust we have earned in the communities where we work and live and we welcome the words and voices of support for this vital energy infrastructure project. We agree with our supporters, it is #TimeToBuild #KeystoneXL!

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The following maps detail the Keystone XL Pipeline and Keystone Pipeline System routes.

Latest News

Oct 7 2020

McCone County donation brings energy efficiency to local library

The George McCone County Library, whose mission is to bring a strong community of people together to enhance ideas and cultivate a life-long love of knowledge and learning, is the recipient of a $10,000 donation from the Keystone XL project team.

Oct 6 2020

Keystone XL crews help landowners battle wildfires

Recently, two separate wildfires ignited during harvesting activities by local landowners along our right-of-way, in areas where we operate, and we answered the call for help.

Sep 29 2020

TC Energy and Natural Law Energy sign historic MOU facilitating one of the largest Indigenous equity investments of its kind in North American infrastructure

TC Energy and Natural Law Energy (NLE) announced they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for NLE to pursue an equity interest in the Keystone XL Project and other potential related midstream and power projects. This MOU exemplifies the strong commitment TC Energy and NLE have made to create a meaningful and significant long-term partnership.

Sep 24 2020

TC Energy donates $500,000 to new Ag Center in Nebraska

The TC Energy Foundation recently donated US$500,000 to Northeast Community College in Nebraska to help build a new agricultural center, which will educate the next generation of farmers and ranchers on the best practices and the latest technology needed to increase food production, while conserving natural resources, such as water.

Sep 23 2020

Midland security system investment has eye on safety in South Dakota

TC Energy's Build Strong community giving program provided monetary assistance to purchase and install a camera security system that would provide eyes 24/7 on their equipment, facilities and personnel.