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We are proud of the relationships we have built with landowners, Indigenous groups, governments, politicians, organizations and communities throughout our vast energy infrastructure footprint, including Keystone XL and the Keystone Pipeline System. We are equally proud of the trust we have earned in the communities where we work and live and we welcome the words and voices of support for this vital energy infrastructure project. We agree with our supporters, it is #TimeToBuild #KeystoneXL!

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The following maps detail the Keystone XL Pipeline and Keystone Pipeline System routes.

Latest News

Aug 5 2020

Keystone XL Announces Project Labor Agreement with Four U.S. Unions

TC Energy Corporation announced that Keystone XL has reached a project labor agreement (PLA) with four leading U.S. labor unions that will inject hundreds of millions of dollars in middle-class wages into the American economy, while ensuring this pipeline will be built by the highest-skilled and highest-trained workforce.

Jul 14 2020

Supporting traditional rodeo in South Dakota

Keystone XL Community Investment dollars were awarded to the Kadoka Rodeo program in Jackson County, S.D., to assist with promoting their first PRCA Rodeo.

Jul 9 2020

U.S. court denies permitting request

While this ruling from the Supreme Court is positive for the oil and gas industry overall, it continues to delay large portions of construction on our Keystone XL project and the thousands of high-paying union jobs that come with it.

Jul 9 2020

Celebrating the start of construction in Alberta

Keystone XL is an important energy infrastructure project that is poised to put thousands of people to work, generate substantial economic benefits and strengthen North American energy security.

Jun 11 2020

Kindness creates opportunity to give back

As we continue to construct our workforce camp near Philip, South Dakota, local business owners and nearby landowners hosted a ‘thank you breakfast’ for the contractors, subcontractors and crews who have been working in the area for over the past month.