5 years, 1 billion barrels and 10 more cool facts about the Keystone System

Jobs for Americans: Gulf Coast Pipeline workers gathering for a safety meeting in Oklahoma.
Five years ago, the Keystone Pipeline System began transporting crude oil from Canada to U.S. refineries. Earlier this week, we announced that Keystone has now safely delivered over one billion barrels of oil in that time. The Keystone System offers the United States refineries a safe
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Debunked Keystone XL Myths

1. “Keystone is for Canadian oil” U.S. produced oil from the Bakken region will be carried on Keystone XL, a fact many project opponents deliberately ignore. Keystone XL will carry upwards of 100,000 bpd of crude oil from the North Dakota and Montana. What impact does an a
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A personal story from a Keystone landowner on land reclamation

“ The ground doesn’t look any different than it did beforehand.” Charles Barber, Keystone landowner Looking out at his land, Charles Barber can hardly believe what he sees. Or, maybe more properly, what he doesn’t see. ”The ground doesn’t look any different than it did bef
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