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Aug 18 2020

Helping Philip, S.D., build safer sidewalks

Posted by Keystone XL

Sidewalk construction

With summer in full swing, so are the activities and traffic along Highway 73, the main thoroughfare in Philip, South Dakota. The City of Philip has been working to improve their pedestrian sidewalk system over the past 10 years with improvements completed as funding becomes available.

Aside from jobs and local tax revenue, there are many other benefits to having a community-minded company, such as Keystone XL, in or near a community. Keystone XL and TC Energy have a long-standing history of community involvement and community investment.

As part of our commitment to safety, the Keystone XL project team identified this initiative as a community investment that aligned directly with our number-one core value — Safety.

“The City of Philip would like to express our great appreciation to TC Energy for their generous $9,000 donation towards a much-needed sidewalk project near our school. The safety of our children is paramount, and we’re grateful TC Energy shares our concerns. With the increased truck traffic, this sidewalk will provide a safe route for our students to walk to school. Thank you, TC Energy, for your commitment to safety,” said Michael Vetter Mayor, City of Philip.

This $9,000 community investment allows the City of Philip to mark these improvements off their to-do list while ensuring their community and visitors a safer means to access the school and surrounding properties.

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