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Jun 11 2020

Kindness creates opportunity to give back

Posted by Keystone XL

Keystone XL - South Dakota

In May, as crews worked to construct the workforce camp near Philip, South Dakota, as part of the Keystone XL pipeline, local business owners and nearby landowners hosted a ‘thank you breakfast’ for the contractors, subcontractors and crews who had demonstrated a kind, courteous and respectful attitude towards the local residents and businesses during their stay.

Both Target and JR Civil have direct hired and subcontracted locals for services ranging from fuel delivery to clerical office work.

“We have been met with great hospitality since our work started in Haakon County,” said Alex Heesch, Project Manager, Target Hospitality.

$2,500 in donations will assist local needs

While coordinating the breakfast, the group from Philip County asked if it would be OK to “pass the hat” to assist raising funds to purchase items for children’s ministries associated with the First Lutheran Release Time Program as well as supporting a community baseball project. The target goal was $300. A total of $2,500 was raised and the community members were shocked to say the least.

“It is our culture to help and serve others, when presented with an opportunity to give back to the community through raising funds for a couple local causes, our employees and subcontractors were more than happy to assist. We are visitors to the area, but treated more like family, so giving back was an easy ask,” added Alex.  

The fundraiser breakfast was a great way to say 'thank you' for the relationships we have built with the Keystone XL team while work is being completed. Our local youth ministries and baseball program will benefit from the generosity of these workers.”

Branden Moos
Community member and event organizer