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Sep 23 2020

Midland security system investment has eye on safety in South Dakota

Posted by Keystone XL

Midland Fire Hall

The Midland Volunteer Fire Department is an integral part of emergency response preparation along the Keystone XL project route in South Dakota.

As part of our commitment to working with our stakeholders, through our Build Strong community giving program, the Keystone XL project was able to provide the Midland Fire Department with monetary assistance to purchase and install a security system at the facility ensuring the security of their equipment, facilities and personnel. The small town of Midland, South Dakota, relies on county law enforcement, located approximately 25 miles (40 km) away, which logistically can make the response time more difficult. This new security system will provide an added layer of security to this rural fire department.

“The Midland Volunteer Fire Department would like to express our appreciation to TC Energy and the Keystone XL team for their generous community investment donation for a security system to better monitor our firehall, ambulance bay and equipment,” said Midland Fire Chief Reuben Vollmer Jr. “Your commitment to recognize and support the needs of rural first responders is critical and allows our community to remain safe. Thank you.”

The firehall not only serves as a location to dispatch first responders, it is also used for community meetings and gatherings.

Supporting our communities

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