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Keystone Pipeline System


The Montana portion of the Keystone XL route consists of approximately 285 miles (459 km) of pipeline, starting in Phillips County on the U.S./Canadian border and extending into the southeast corner of Fallon County. Overall, the pipeline crosses six counties: Phillips, Valley, McCone, Dawson, Prairie and Fallon.

There will be six pump stations in Montana located in Phillips, Valley, McCone (two), Prairie and Fallon.

The Montana Department of Environmental Quality issued Keystone XL a Certificate of Compliance on April 2, 2012, under the Montana Major Facilities Siting Act.

We anticipate a peak workforce of over 4,000 jobs during construction across the right-of-way in Montana.

Montanans will benefit from the economic impact generated by the construction of Keystone XL, which will create 4,000 jobs in Montana. The millions spent on housing and services throughout the construction period will help support local businesses in the state, while the taxes paid on those goods services will provide a boost to state and local tax coffers.

Counties also will collect millions in property tax revenue after the pipeline goes into operation.


Sharing and Caring

In your community

Donation aids COVID-19 relief in Montana

During these challenging times, with local charities under stress, Keystone XL is working with the City of Glasgow and Valley County in Montana to help put together baskets of essential items for those in need.

The $20,000 donation in Montana is part of our long history of partnering with local communities along the route in both Canada and the U.S., whether it’s helping to combat childhood hunger in Montana or upgrading communication equipment for first responders in Alberta.

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In your community

McCone County donation brings energy efficiency to local library

The George McCone County Library, whose mission is to bring a strong community of people together to enhance ideas and cultivate a life-long love of knowledge and learning, is the recipient of a $10,000 donation from the Keystone XL project team.

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Keystone XL - George McCone County Library donation.